UCLA ePhysics

Welcome to UCLA ePhysics! Here students, educators, and individuals who are interested in learning about physics can find resources that we hope will enrich and encourage their learning experience. At present, this website contains tables and interactive animations.


You can check out various topics listed among the tabbed header links on the top of the page and the drop-down menus on the left side of the page. Each of these topic pages contains expandable sub-menus relating to particular areas within that topic, and each area includes a handful of demonstrations or resources.


You will find animations and tables on this site. Most of the animations are Java Applets, but a few are Flash animations. The Flash animations require Flash Player 5.0+.

Running the Java Applets

Many of the applets on this site require minor, one-time adjustments to your Java security settings. If you have the current Java 7 installation on your computer:

Windows: You will need to navigate to the Java platform through the Start Menu and access the Java configuration settings pane (Start > All Programs > Java > Java Configuration). Under Security, select Medium and confirm your changes. From here on, you will be prompted each time you visit any ePhysics applets. Simply allow them to run and you're good to go!

Mac OSX: When visiting any ePhysics applet pages, the Java platform will start automatically. From the menu bar Java icon, you can access the Java configuration pane and modify the security settings in a manner similar to the above. Afterward, if ever prompted before running an applet, just give the OK and you're set.