Time Scales Table

The range of length scales occurring in the universe is immense! Protons and Neutrons are approximately 10-16 Meters in diameter while the observable universe is estimated to be approximately 4 x 1026 Meters in diameter.

Radioactive Decay
Polonium 214 1.5x10-4 Seconds
Technetium 99 6 Hours
Iodine 131 8 Days
Strontium 90 30 Years
Plutonium 239 2.4x103 Years
Uranium 235 7.1x108 Years
Rubidium 87 5.0x1010 Years
Time that it takes a single nerve cell to fire ~10-3 Seconds
Respiratory rate of a resting adult human being 6 to 12 Seconds
Incubation period of the Influenza Virus 1 to 5 Days
Life span of red blood cells 100 to 120 Days
Venus Rotation Period: 243 Earth Days
Venusian Year: 224.7 Earth Days
Mars Rotation Period: 24 Hours
Martian Year: 687 Earth Days
Jupiter Rotation Period: 9.8 Hours
Jovian Year: 11.86 Earth Years
Saturn Rotation Period: 10.2 Hours
Saturnian Year: 29.46 Earth Years
Uranus Rotation Period: 17 Hours
Uranian Year: 84 Earth Years
Neptune Rotation Period: 16.11 Hours
Neptunian Year: 165 Earth Years
Pluto Rotation Period: 6.39 Hours
Plutonian Year: 247.7 Earth Years
Rotation Period of the Sun at the Equator (the Sun does not rotate as a rigid body) 25 Earth Days
Time that it takes our solar system to orbit once about the center of the Milky Way Galaxy 2.3x108 Years