Synchrotron Radiation

Applet by Wolfgang Christian

Instructions on how to use the animation below:

  • Choose one of the four motions listed in the form box in the upper right hand corner of the animation:
    • The charge moves at a constant speed along a straight line in the case of Inertial motion.
    • The charge moves periodically along a line segment (the velocity and acceleration of the charge are also periodic functions of time) in the case of SHO motion (i.e., Simple Harmonic Oscillation).
    • The charge moves at a constant speed about a circle in the case of Sync (Synchronous) motion.
    • The charge "wiggles" (i.e., repeatedly and alternately turns clockwise and counter-clockwise) in the case of Wiggler motion.
  • You may adjust the speed of the charge by sliding the bar in the lower left hand corner of the animation. The speed is given as a fraction of the speed of light. For example, V=0.25 is equal to one fourth the speed of light while V=0.5 is equal to one half the speed of light.
  • Press Stop/Run in order to stop or run the animation.
  • The curves intersecting at the charge represent the electric field lines of the charge.