Inclined plane

Applet by Fu-Kwun Hwang


1. Click on the circle near the right edge of the inclined plane, and drag the mouse up/down, in order to change the angle of inclination

2. The Red Arrow represents the gravitational force ( which has two green force components). Click near the tip of the red arrow, and drag the mouse up/down, in order to change the weight of the block. (mg)

3. The Yellow arrow is the normal force Fn.

4. Click the up-right corner of the block in order to apply an external force F on that block. Reclick the circle in order to reset the external force.

5. Click again at the tip of the F vector and drag the mouse button in order to change the direction of the force F only.

6. The normal force is determined by the external force F and the gravitational force mg. Can you determine the static force of friction between the block and the inclined plane?

7. The blue arrow represents the static frictional force. Notice: there is a maximum value.

8. The forces are added together in order to find the net force NF (the black arrow).

9. You can change the value of the coefficient of static friction from the selection.